"Bronco is a solutions-minded company that offers a personal service to their customers that is the best in the industry. They bend over backwards for their customers and I would recommend them to anyone."

Bronco Slickline Services Ltd. is a Canadian Oil & Gas Service Company operating in Red Deer, Drayton Valley, and Grande Prairie.

Bronco offers wireline services for many different applications: Optimization, Swabbing, Repair & Maintenance, Production, Completions, and Suspension & Abandonment.

BRONCO Slickline truly cares about the level of quality and service they deliver in the field.With over 100 years of combined experience, Bronco Slickline is the ‘go-to’ company for many of Alberta’s Oil & Gas
Producers. We have a leadership team with extensive experience and know-how in the field. You can count on Bronco Slickline to get the job done right.

Optimizing Wells With Slickline Services Throughout Alberta

Our Values

We protect the health and welfare of our employees, clients and the environment. Along with a safe workplace, we also provide our employees with a sense of professional fulfillment. BRONCO Slickline strives as a company to remain a positive contributor to our society and to the communities in which we operate.

We are environmentally conscious and respect the land, air, and water in all of our activities. We have a zero tolerance policy for spills, contamination, and/or illegal dumping and will take every necessary step to prevent them.

Our Mission

To become the most respected and proficient wireline company in Alberta – the industry leader in operational excellence and continuous technological advancement, translating into lasting customer relationships.


Bronco Slickline is determined to earn and keep the reputation as Alberta’s best wireline company providing the best service to oil and gas companies. We are committed to the highest quality of service around the clock when you need us. We bring experience and knowledge in the Wireline business, at a competitive price.

What does a slickline company do?

The word “slickline” refers to the wire strand used to run tools downhole in a gas or oil well. What’s downhole? That’s the pipe below the surface under the well head. Tools are lowered and raised for several purposes including maintenance, down-hole operations, and to improve the production of the well. Slickline companies offer a range of services that start the production process of a well, improve it, and prepare a well for abandonment with a wide variety of tools.

Slickline cable is a smooth wire and is often silver/chrome in appearance. Downhole tools are inserted into the well for oil and gas maintenance at the exact depth (or location) required. These tools can record and report details about downhole pressure and temperature. In some cases, fishing operations are necessary and sophisticated tools help to identify and remove obstructions. Slickline tools and uses are vast spanning from impression blocks which can identify the upper end of an obstruction, or magnets to retrieve pieces of metal, and wax knives which cut away hard wax to increase production.

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