Wireline Sizes & Grades

Every truck that we own is equipped with a wide assortment of wireline sizes and grades, so our operators always have what they need to get the job done properly, on time and on budget. From heavy-duty fishing to deep well-bore and critical sour operations, our high-quality wirelines are more than up to virtually any task. Our team routinely assesses the condition and quality of these crucial components to ensure that our clients receive high-quality results.

Each of our trucks is uniquely equipped with a variety of wireline sizes and grades. Our sizes and grades include:

  • 7/32” Dia-Form Braided-Line. Typically used in heavy-duty fishing applications.
  • .150” Stainless Steel Slickline. Used in deep well-bore, and heavy duty fishing applications.
  • .125” GD-31MO Slickline. Used in critical sour, and highly corrosive environments.
  • .125” Stainless Steel Slickline.
  • .108” Stainless Steel Slickline.

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