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Alberta’s oil & gas companies are facing more and more challenges as the industry evolves. Bronco Slickline has broadened its capabilities through new equipment, technology, and training to provide oil and gas clients with more reliability, efficiency, and value.
Slickline remains one of the most efficient means of well intervention because we can work on pressurized wells, and make multiple runs in the well in a short amount of time. We’ve expanded our service offering to provide more optimization techniques, better intervention methods, and to increase the overall safety of operations.

optimization Services

Increase Well Production

Plunger Lift Installation & Maintenance

The plunger lift plays an important role in deliquifying natural gas wells by removing contaminants such as water (liquid, mist, or ice), sand, oil, and wax. Proper selection and installation of plunger lift equipment plays a substantial role in the efficiency of a well.
Bronco supplies and installs plunger lift equipment, including lubricator, bottom-hole bumper springs, plungers, and electronic optimization systems. We also inspect existing assemblies to ensure your well is optimized to its maximum potential.


Bronco Slickline has mast units designed for maximum operational efficiency. As well, our trained staff is well equipped to swab all wells, whatever the scenario might be; whether it is to kick off initial production on a new well, or to restore production on an existing well. For new wells, after fracturing or breaking into the target zones, swabbing removes the liquid from the well which allows the bottom-hole pressure to bring up the oil and gas and begin production. For older wells that have loaded up with fluid, we can swab the well in to get production back on line.

Reconfigure Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA)

When wells begin to decline in production, the BHA can be reconfigured to draw in the oil and gas from another producing zone. Bronco can install and/or modify tubing plugs, as well as perforate the tubing with a down-hole tubing perforator tool. Tubing
perforators include mechanical knife, and hydraulic punch. Explosives can also be used in the form of an RTG multi-shot perforator.

Down-Hole Chokes

Successfully applying downhole chokes can significantly improve performance and efficiency. Configuring the correct flow control is an important part to maximizing well production. Bronco can install and maintain downhole flow control devices. We can help you select the appropriate downhole choke with our engineered choke calculator.

repair & maintenance services

RESTORE Well Production

Wellhead changes / Frac-head removal

When you need to change from a flowing well to a mechanical pumping configuration or for any other reason, BRONCO can facilitate wellhead changes.


Includes paraffin wax removal and use of a wax knife tool to cut up the hard wax.  Paraffin wax will build up during production and can restrict pump flow, reduce production, stop operation of plunger, plug tubing off and lead to malfunctions. As a result, dewaxing becomes a critical slickline service in Alberta.

Tubing Plugs

Tubing plugs are used to isolate/control well bore pressure. Applications include wellhead changes, pressure testing of tubing string, and snubbing operations.

Our team can pull 4.5’’ – 7’’ WR plugs at inclinations up to 80 degrees safely and effectively. This can be done
rig-less or with rig assist.

mechanical perforation

We offer three types of perforators. Included in those are Mechanical tubing knife, Hydraulic tubing punch and RTG Multi-shot perforator. The mechanical tubing knife is used mainly for cutting holes above stuck downhole pumps. This allows the fluid to drain out of tubing while the rig pulls the pipe. Reducing rig hours, spills on sight, fluid disposal and vac truck hours. The RTG  perforator is mainly used when a greater amount of flow is needed through the tubing. A stuck bumper spring may need 20 holes cut above to maintain maximum production.

Sliding sleeves

When you need to open or shut off flow from a zone or when you need to regulate pressure BRONCO can help you control your tubing string. 

Other Services

When You Need Us

Wellbore Data Recovery

BRONCO can provide static gradients – bottom hole data recovery of pressure and temperature.

  • Expansive test data sets with each electronic memory recorder holding 4.5M samples.
  • 10K & 15K recorders readily available.
  • Extreme Deviation Solutions

Suspension & Abandonment

We offer D-13 (Directive 13) Suspension compliant abandonments. We also have many options for suspension in-house to make the process manageable and cost-effective.

  • Otis & Baker. Full Product Line in stock.
  • Tubing Bridge Plug
  • Mechanical Perforation with RTG Multi-shot Perforator, Tubing Knife, or Hydraulic Punch


Wellhead change / Frac-head removal for completions. We also include the following:

  • WR Plug retrieval
  • Otis & Baker Tubing Plugs
  • Slickline Bridge Plugs
  • Snubbing Operations
  • Static Gradients – Bottom Hole Data Recovery of Pressure and Temperature.
  • Extended Test Data. Electronic Memory Recorders holding 4.5 Million Samples.
  • 10K & 15K Recorders readily available.

Fishing Operations

Wireline fishing and equipment / obstruction recovery are here when you need them.

  • Broken Plunger Lift Equipment Extraction
  • Bailing – Recover debris from wellbore. Variety of bailers available.
  • Recover Tubing Plugs from neglected or suspended wells.
  • Impression Blocks – Identify upper end of an obstruction prior to fishing it out
  • Trico/Bowen Overshots

Critical Sour Operations

Given the delicate and potentially dangerous nature of sour gas wells, it is crucial to work with a company that prioritizes safety. Our team assesses wells to determine if levels of hydrogen sulphide are critical and can then take steps to ensure the safety of future drilling operations.

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